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Barton Community College supports our veterans and veterans' family members in applying for and managing their VA Education Benefits/GI Bill.


Information may be obtained from the Department of Veterans Affairs website to verify individual eligibility and requirements to apply.   The Department of Veterans Affairs requires all applications for benefits to be submitted electronically.  To avoid delay in processing, do not mail applications.


The information provided on this website pertains to students at the Great Bend, Fort Riley and Fort Leavenworth Campuses and will be required. All documentation must be submitted before certification for courses can occur - NO EXECEPTIONS!


It is required of each student wishing to use their VA benefits to read ALL the information on the Veteran Services website!


To begin the process, please select from the one of the links to the left to access specific information on the Chapter of VA benefits you will be using at Barton Community College.


Courses will begin being certified during the first week of class.


Guest Students


Students visiting Barton to take classes to transfer back to their home school are required to submit the following documentation:


Parent school letters are required for all visiting students and is the responsibility of the student to obtain.  Guest students need to ensure the courses selected will transfer from Barton to the home school upon completion-prior to the start of the session.


Students using Post 9/11 benefits must submit a copy of their certificate of eligibility; without a certificate of eligibility, students will be required to put 25% down no matter what chapter they are using.  Students using Chapters (30, 35 & 1606) will be required to pay 25% down for online courses.


Students must also following the prerequisite requirements for courses offered at Barton.  Submission of an unofficial transcript to Barton is required for clearance of prerequisite.


Once courses have been completed, it is the responsibility of the student to request a transcript be sent to their parent school.


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